1. Roy Zijnen
    28 juni 2017 @ 21:31

    Dearest Wali, after a long and puzzling reflection, making a contribution to your inspiring essay “What does the Soul tell”,
    I associated the Angel Cupid, with the divinity of the human soul,
    and to the inner child like the child Cupid is represented.

    In the story of Psyche and Cupid of Egyptian origin where Venus is the Mother of Cupid, we are witnessing an Alchemist process, where practical answers to impossible questions are given to a demanding Venus in psyche’s desperate search for her injured Cupid.
    Psyche herself is represented as the most beautiful woman walking on earth. But this is the beginning of quite a long and positive story

    The reason I asked myself to associate is this.
    An experimental reason could suggest we can hear the soul and let it out of the body/ and back in the body again.
    Is this the same as, ecstasy as function of the soul working on mind , heart and body; ecstasy, “instasy”.
    Or is the question an individual and theoretical one because the body is not altered after lifting the soul, it is the mind that has been altered or the heart.
    An answer to our question “what does the soul tell”, could provide to be a functional and practical one, during exaltation, for an individual.
    But during sleep and in dreams this is happening naturally, The body refreshes, the mind is sparkling with new projects, the heart is in contact with deeper levels, consciously and unconsciously, while the soul is free and exploring new fields

    Can Cupid inspire the divine child inside, like Horus and the little Jesus.
    If We listen to our Murshid Inayat Khan. Cupid is the Soul.

    With Gratitude Roy


  2. Dana
    25 mei 2017 @ 11:25



  3. Dana
    25 mei 2017 @ 11:25

    I love to take a moment every day to consiuosly think about the things I am gratefull for. This makes me think about my live as loves and magical.


    • Anoniem
      1 juni 2017 @ 20:46

      thank you.


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